Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceilings used to be preferred, but many contemporary houses now have smooth ceilings, or even have patterned ceilings, which is an unobtrusive method to add aesthetic appeal to your residence. If your building has popcorn ceilings and they do not appeal to you, there is something that can be done about it. We offer thorough popcorn removal that consists of the elimination of the undesirable texture and the cleaning of the finished area. Call McAllen Drywall Contractors today and we can deal with this for you as soon as possible. You don't have to tolerate this kind of ceiling when we have the equipment and the ability required to effectively assist with your service goals. Call us and we'll have the problem dealt with in a snap.

Something to note when thinking about popcorn ceiling removal is the possibility of asbestos. Homes constructed prior to 1973 often utilized asbestos for lots of things, including the popcorn ceiling texture. If you're unsure, the ceiling needs to be assessed for the existence of asbestos before any type of removal activity commences. If asbestos is determined to be present, you will need to hire a specialized asbestos abatement company before work can be done by a drywall contractor.

When you wish to have a popcorn ceiling removed, make us the starting point that you call. When someone has this kind of ceiling it usually is an indication of when the residence was built. Many houses that have this kind of ceiling were constructed in the 70s and 80s. Ever since, many home owners have chosen to have this type of ceiling eliminated, as it is no longer appealing to them. It can additionally make it difficult to sell a house with this type of ceiling. If you're having an older residence renovated then you might just consider getting us to remove the popcorn ceiling.

Some people will climb a ladder and begin scraping the popcorn texture off of their ceiling. The issue is that they very quickly recognize that they are not progressing very quickly. They are getting hot and sweaty however not much of the popcorn is coming off, plus they are making a big mess. Removing popcorn ceilings or removing wallpaper are two common areas that homeowners often underestimate, but they can quickly turn into a huge mess and a headache. This is when they realize it might be best to contact our experts at McAllen Drywall Contractors. It will save you money and time since we will work with your budget to eliminate your popcorn ceiling as quickly and efficiently as possible. Call us and have it taken care of immediately and skip the hassle!

It doesn't take a lot for our highly trained drywall experts to eliminate your popcorn ceiling however it is something that can become messy. In spite of just how difficult the work could be, we assure you that we have all that we need to effectively handle the job. We've got the right tools and techniques to reduce the mess and get the job done swiftly. If you're not satisfied with the popcorn ceiling, call us up and let us remove it for you so that you can get a finish that you'll like. We consistently get really good results from our work, which is why you should call us to do the work.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal, McAllen, TX

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